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Wrinklie 1's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Wrinklie 1

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[16 Oct 2007|01:31am]

[ mood | happy ]

I don't believe that it has been so long since I/we posted last? and such a lot of things have changed! I wonder who is left out there?

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In (and before) My Life [15 Jan 2004|03:23am]

[ mood | geeky ]

What was the only pop hit (© 1927) to be covered by both the Beatles and the Hoosier Hot Shots?

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HELP :o) [08 Jan 2004|02:59pm]

[ mood | busy ]

We have been given access to some puzzles for christmas?
You guessed it! we are stuck :o(
The set is laid out so you progress after solving each one and if you don't solve a puzzle you don't move on!
It is a common math's puzzle but we cant solve it!
Never was too good at sums!
Hope you all had a happy christmas and may the new year treat you well.
All you have to do is place each number in a circle in such a way that all rows, of four numbers, add up to 35?
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Sill here (: [24 Sep 2003|09:36pm]

[ mood | shocked ]

I suppose it must be a sign that the winter is getting nearer? Now I find the time to write in my journal again
It does seem to be ages since I wrote here but I have been reading your lj entries and commenting now and then.
I have been working on a scooter (Peugeot125) donated to me by my son Daz71It was a product of the modern age, after suffering a major engine breakdown, it was condemned to the scrap heap as "beyond economical repair!" at only two and a half years old!
A challenge to me if ever there was one and I have just about got it going again at a fraction of the cost needed by the dealers.
I still have some little problems to sort, with the bike, but that is what makes the challenge! I will post again soon with maybe a picture or two of the bike project?
By for now
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Ringo ? [19 Jun 2003|09:00pm]

[ mood | confused ]

Well it must be my interesting week this week?
Had another visitor
or is it Paul
It is a little bit tangled up in spider web's? Not a bird this time :o) But it can still fly!
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Must be Qwackers :o) [18 Jun 2003|08:37pm]

[ mood | weird ]

I don't know what it is about me and "Birds" but I seem to get mixed up with them quite regularly?
Today was no exception!!
"KEN come quick" was the cry..........
SIX kids
All we had to do was to transfer the family into the neighboring Golf course?
There is a 12 foot high security fence around our yard and it seems as the ducks came in from the road entrance by "Ducking" under the gate? Not wanting to send her back out into the road, decided to try and capture her and brood ? This proved simple until mum flew off over the fence!
She had flown into the Golf course and how were we going to get the ducklings with her? Easy as it turned out...... I threw them, one at a time, over the fence and they had there first flying lesson :o) ( Need to practice more at landing)
Need I say that the landing area is deeply carpeted in leaves and is really the "Rough" area around the Golf course :o)
Mummy duck disappeared off happily toward the beckoning lake? with her six followers
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[07 Jun 2003|09:39pm]

[ mood | enthralled ]

Guess what appeared in our garden today?
It is a common garden Sparrow? according to the mother that is feeding it? and it sounds like a Sparrow? and it has not got pink eyes, so it isn't an albino?
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My good news... [25 May 2003|10:59am]

[ mood | excited ]

The only thing right now that brightens my day is preparing for the midnight launch party of the new Harry Potter book (20 June). I'm currently trying to come up with costumes for myself and two of my offspring. I went to the fabric store to see about making them and found NO patterns for a basic robe like they wear in the film. SO...
on Monday, I'm off to the costume store to see how much it would be to rent/hire them.

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EXTRA, EXTRA, READ ALL ABOUT IT! [23 May 2003|09:49pm]


Good NEWS only

What can I say? This being the first post in my new "Good news only" Newspaper style post you guessed it "Everything in the garden looks "rosy" if a little dark well it is 9.00 pm here at the moment and a little overcast.
My idea is for an upbeat site with only positive postings of good and pleasing news? What did I hear you say? "There isn't any" well we will have to search harder!! I have always thought that a news site on the TV with only good news might help cheer us ALL up!
I have had enough about misery for now, and I know that taking no notice will not make things any better, but I want to choose the time and my mood for viewing away from the evening meal time!
Even the daily newspapers seem to have 75% or more miserable news these days!
Again I must say that I don't want to turn my head away from the facts BUT a more even spread of "Nice News" or "Not so good News" would be appreciated.
Well that is my little starter, I hope this will tempt others to post with some nice news and I am sure we will all benefit from a slight break from "Doom & Gloom"

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Where were you? [02 May 2003|02:43am]
This is my first post here. I'm including this (rather long) poem because I'd imagine members of this comm. can relate. Where were you on Fri. November 22. 1963?


Sister Teresa Gertrude's face was even redder
than it had been before lunch
and she smelled
like the Chiclets
she carried around in her right pocket,
the box rattling around in time
with the hand carved rosary
that hung at her side.

She was drilling us on the multiplication tables-
multiples of seven
up to twelve.
Before lunch she reviewed the weeks grammar lesson:
Teaching us the difference
between p-e-a-r, p-a-i-r, and p-a-r-e.

Beside me William Wagstaff was drawing
a picture of an X-15,
the fastest plane in the world.
I was thinking about Mary Patricia Gallagher.
Twice that week I'd given her my lunch money
as a token of my love.

John Karalis, an otherwise sensible guy,
who would go on to become a computer whiz,
was waiting expectantly,
like a dog salivating before dinner,
for someone to make a mistake
so that he could have his hand up first
with the right answer.

As always, Julie Pekarik and Marjorie Minogue
were giggling about something.
Jesperson who was always totally cool
was sleeping.

It was almost Thanksgiving
so the room was lined with those stupid turkeys
you make by tracing the outline of your hand
onto construction paper.

Kathleen Cope, the penultimate nerd,
who always won all the spelling bees
had just answered that seven times seven
was forty-eight.

Karalis' hand shot up like lightening
and Mother Mary Sienna, the big cheese,
came on the intercom
saying that the president had been shot.

Now the nuns at the school were St. Joe's
and Irish Catholic all the way
and this wasn't just any president that was dying
but John Fitzgerald Kennedy
and as Irish as Paddy's pig,
so they all started praying big time.

They were all fairly freaked
but at seven or eight
death wasn't something
that made much sense.
It was vague
and being that it had something to do
with going to heaven
kind of mysterious.

By then my grandfather had died
but to me that wasn't a whole lot different
from my Aunt Grace
who went to Honduras
for two years without coming back.

Though it seemed at the time
that my grandfather could have returned
without it being much of a big deal
at least to me if you know what I mean.

When the word came
that Kennedy was dead
the nuns scurried back and forth
like chickens in the rain
leaving us mostly unattended.

So William Wagstaff made paper airplanes,
X-15's I suppose.
And Jesperson and Karalis and I
flirted with Pekarik, and Minogue, and Mary Patricia Gallagher.
Kathleen Cope said the rosary.
Somehow, they all managed to get us all home
and then the long dark weekend began.

It's twenty-five years later
and I know now what I didn't know then
that the last of the Great American Heroes had left us.
And I'm sad now when I wasn't sad then.
I remember the lesson of homonyms:
that things that seem the same
can really be very different.
And I wish to return to a time
when things were very simple
when all you needed to know
was seven times seven.
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Accomplished (nearly) [01 May 2003|09:11pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Basic "Swirdle" FINISHED phew!
My wife has done ALL the knotting and I have just sewn both half's together!

Full background story 'Rug'
All I have to do now is to tighten the join together to stop it showing, hem all around the edge and then add a "Non-Slip" backing
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Swinging Sixties ? [08 Apr 2003|09:15pm]

[ mood | nostalgic ]

What was YOU doing in the late "Sixties"?
Me with a halo?
There were five of us and we had various, group names: "Newtons Cradle" and "Woodie Wilson's Creation" being the only two that come to mind :o)
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Mystery Part [28 Mar 2003|02:30am]

I don't have image hosting yet, so look at my icon for the mystery image. This is not a complete object in itself, but part of an assembly. If you're not a take-it-apart-and-see-what's-inside kind of person, you may have only seen the top of one of these. (Seen upside-down here at approximately actual size.)
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My turn! [20 Mar 2003|01:43pm]

[ mood | worried ]

What is it? What was it's purpose in life? (it's old)

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Theatrical? [19 Mar 2003|08:52pm]

[ mood | surprised ]

Moulin Rouge

How well do YOU know Moulin Rouge?
Too well ;o)
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Puzzle picture [17 Mar 2003|08:15pm]

[ mood | creative ]

This you may find difficult!
I have added a coin to give size
Half Dollar & Twenty pence piece?
Don't forget that you can scan an object into your computer as well as a picture!
Definitely your turn next ;O)
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Recipe! [14 Mar 2003|10:01am]

Anyone have a really good recipe for Sheppard's Pie? The ones I've experimented with in the past have fallen short of enjoyable. Then again, I do NOT like to cook, so...


Will be fixing this for St. Patty's Day ;D
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[o:Tweet.. Tweet ..blooming Tweet ! :o] [06 Mar 2003|07:13pm]

[ mood | nostalgic ]

Who started that birdie song? Every time my computer comes on all I get now is "TWEET TWEET TWEET!" Driving us mad :o)
(o: Think I might turn it off :o)

Wooden Handle&apos;s, Blade In The Middle?
A little bigger this time?
70 years old?
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Fox & Fish [05 Mar 2003|03:34pm]

I just got around yesterday to checking out the Fish link on C2it's web site, with that wonderful picture of the fox looking at the fish. That's a well-fed fox! I once saw a fox going across a vacant lot in the middle of Houston, and she was the most scraggly, pitiful-looking creature imaginable...skinny, dirty-blonde matted fur, obviously ekeing out a meager living in competition with the local stray cats. She or he looked almost like a coyote, though I don't think we have coyotes this far east. Of course our American foxes are probably a different branch of the family, but country life evidently agrees with your English foxes!
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Follow the bouncing ball! [04 Mar 2003|02:16pm]

[ mood | frustrated ]

This song is stuck in my head and I can't remember the words!! HELP! Does anyone remember it?

"Let's all sing like the birdies sing, tweet tweet-tweet tweet-tweeeeeet"

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