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Sill here (:

I suppose it must be a sign that the winter is getting nearer? Now I find the time to write in my journal again
It does seem to be ages since I wrote here but I have been reading your lj entries and commenting now and then.
I have been working on a scooter (Peugeot125) donated to me by my son Daz71It was a product of the modern age, after suffering a major engine breakdown, it was condemned to the scrap heap as "beyond economical repair!" at only two and a half years old!
A challenge to me if ever there was one and I have just about got it going again at a fraction of the cost needed by the dealers.
I still have some little problems to sort, with the bike, but that is what makes the challenge! I will post again soon with maybe a picture or two of the bike project?
By for now
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