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Must be Qwackers :o)

I don't know what it is about me and "Birds" but I seem to get mixed up with them quite regularly?
Today was no exception!!
"KEN come quick" was the cry..........
SIX kids
All we had to do was to transfer the family into the neighboring Golf course?
There is a 12 foot high security fence around our yard and it seems as the ducks came in from the road entrance by "Ducking" under the gate? Not wanting to send her back out into the road, decided to try and capture her and brood ? This proved simple until mum flew off over the fence!
She had flown into the Golf course and how were we going to get the ducklings with her? Easy as it turned out...... I threw them, one at a time, over the fence and they had there first flying lesson :o) ( Need to practice more at landing)
Need I say that the landing area is deeply carpeted in leaves and is really the "Rough" area around the Golf course :o)
Mummy duck disappeared off happily toward the beckoning lake? with her six followers
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